Saltwater Fishing Lures

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I made this video to explain how tuff MH4 designs lures are....

These lures have an epoxy powder coating like finish as a base coat. Then a coating of clear epoxy to seal any paint and eyes into the lure, giving the lure a long lasting protection from hook rake and water.

I am an avid fisherman.  If there is a product in the market that makes my fishing trip easier, I will buy it.  When I was struggling to carry my fishing poles and sand spikes, I looked everywhere and no luck!!  So I designed the Fishing pole carrier and created a prototype!!  Everyone who noticed me and my buddy at the beach with this carrier and stand, they wanted to know where to get it.  If you like organization, this is the product for you.  Please check us out on the face book and check out more innovative products coming in the future!!


At MH4 designs we believe on saving “YOU” on shipping as much as we can.
Where not going to throw one plug into a USPS $9.45 flat rate box and charge it to you.
We hand package each purchase to reduce the shipping cost to you as much as we can.
Yes if there is a bigger purchase of multiple plugs, we still try to give the saving to you the buyer.