Fishing Plier Scissor 

SRP 110 5 inch  blue
Lanyard 34 in  $13.99

These tool retractors will hold a variety of tools. They sport 10-pound test strength and extend to 60cm.Heavy Duty slightly oversize Zinger / Reel Winder. These provide for longer reach and smooth retrieve of your Fly Fishing tools with it's 60cm Cord. Durable Stainless steel cord and metal Spring.
I’ve used spit rings and sealed off the clip
Also use stainless steel clips that you can use to secure to surf bag or waders 

SRP 107 5 inch  orange 
Lanyard 40 in  $13.99

SRP 112   5 inch  blue
Lanyard 35 in  $13.99

SRP 113 5 inch  blue
Lanyard 30 in  $13.99

Custom Fishing Equipment 

SRP 109 5 inch  orange 
Lanyard 36 in  $13.99

Application: Remove hooks, cutting fish line, cutting steel wire, clip line, etc.
Suitable for: Fishing, outdoor activities, home use
Fishing plier/scissor, can cut fishing line and remove the hook, very helpful tool for fishermen
Narrow serrated nose reaches deep into fish's mouth for hook extraction.
Made of high quality stainless steel , suitable for all kinds of severe environment
Spring-assist jaw action
Ergonomic design, comfortable to use
Sharp jaw, easy to use and carry
Material: Stainless steel & plastic
Length: Approx.  5 in

SRP with 1/8 lanyards 

SS split rings 

​SS Clip