While shooting videos for my surf stick and other products, I would use another surf stick to mount the camera on to video the action. But that was extra work walking back and forth setting up. So I came up with just a stick that I could mount the camera on and that I could carry on the surf stick.

This camera stick will allow you to let you get into the video battling that big fish or give you a wider shot of the action.

And let’s you hold up that fish and get that great shot on video when by your self

With today technology you can also get remote button to activate the camera. I have a remote to activate my phones camera.

The camera stick works great as a tri pod to get great steady videos and picture

It has a kick step that lets you stick in the sand in seconds.

Has a removable hand held camera handle that can be unscrewed off the pole.

The camera mount itself is aluminum, not chrome plastic

It has a stainless steel eye loop to attach a lanyard

Stick is epoxied coated and sealed to go into the water

It floats

A paracord wrapped handle

I also place rubber shrink tube to reduce wear on the point 

Take it in the water with you 

Stick alone $25


This is the same camera stick  /pole attachment which can also be purchased separately

It floats 

Camera Pole

Camera pole with removable camera stick $50