Acrylic Needles 

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These acrylic lure are awesome looking, swim great, cast good and catches fish …..But acrylic is a hard tuff plastic. The drawback is that like most plastics it cannot take a hard impact.  I’ve tested it against rocks and it does OK, but multiple impacts might crack it    
They are wire through
 I’ve given a few to people up northern states to test .They fish nothing but rocky area and they had no issues, and caught fish.
 I have caught tons of blue fish on them and never had any issues with the lure failing. (You can see them in a lot of my videos)
 I have never crack one myself …only in testing where I ‘m trying to crack it.
 I’m telling you this so you’re aware before purchasing these lures.

 I will not guarantee these Acrylic needles with money back or replacement
add them to your  collection or just fish them

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