Based on the time of years for redo's it might take me longer to refinish based on weather ,but I will keep you updated 

I will replace or redo  any cracked  MH4Designs Plug from manufacture deficit  

​Take a few picture and send it to me 

and I'll review it 

You must have old plug to trade it in (no exceptions)

Will can only trade in same style for plug

If I don't make or have the plug in question a substitute can be made

Only  refund will be done with pay-pal only on new purchase ,meaning you just bought it and did not like it . (anything after 30 days it will be a replacement)

Meaning I will issue your refund payment via PayPal only and only after 30 days 

After receiving the damages plug and confirm it was mine  

Ship it to 

​349 HWY 35

P.O.B 25

Cliffwood,NJ 07721

First contact me that your returning a plug 

Remove hooks 

Place in a envelop big enough to fit it 

or wrap it up in cardboard

If you’re not happy with the way a plug swims I will exchange it or refund ,but I will need the plug back 

Shipping Return 

 Replacement Policy for Plugs  

or recoat