It can be use just hand held

The handles has a threaded end that will except any paint pole or broom handle  

Camera stick /Pole Mount

Camera Handle with pole attachment/mounting bracket 

I like do a lot of videotaping while I’m fishing. I needed a camera mount that was first strong and versatile. The ones on the market didn’t fit my needs. So I designed my own
 Selfie stick where to cheaply make and flimsy …even the pricey ones. So I made it fit a paint stick or broom handle. I use this to film under water or stick the pole in the sand and film from a distance
 The mount is made of all aluminum (no plastic) which will screw into any camera (that has one)
 I place a stainless steel loop for lanyard attachment. This also pins the handle to the camera mount
 This camera mount also fits onto the Surf stick, which then can be used as a uni pods 


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