Picks may be square or round 

still working on it 

Please specify what color and type when ordering 

Surf Bag Plug Picks

Simply tool used to pick out plugs that managed to get to the bottom of your bag. You cut to length to fit your bag and then bend a (L) or (J) shape on the end

Stainless steel rod and acrylic handle $4.00

Comes in


Chartreus (yellow)


Pink (red)

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Flash light takes an AAA battery (not included)

Stainless steel wire will come longer that needed. You can custom cut it to fit your bag.

I like the pick to be a little higher than the plugs, just so I can find it easier

After placing a battery in a recommend that you rap the section with black tape to seal it off from water 

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Glue in the dark plug pick $5

Flashlight Plug Picks 

Please purchase one at a time or contact me directly 

Wood Plug Picks

Painted and epoxy coated
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