These needles are 8” long. Hard wired, (meaning belly loop, no swivel).  They are belly and tail weight to insure a long and straight flight.
They have a slim body "about" diameter of a lip balm or Chap Stick tube (5/8 dia.)
 The glitter technique used on the plug is to emulate the silver shine of the sand eel
 Weight varies from 2oz and up. Each lure is labeled with its weight
 3 layers of epoxy
 Wire through construction
 VMC #2/0 Treble  Belly hook
  VMC #5/0 Siwash Tail Hook
 #6 Rosco #6XH slip rings
Each plug has to past 24 hour water soak test to insure that the lure is sealed correctly  
**Just make sure this will fit in you Surf Bag **

My first night out with one. Hooked up on the 3rd cast 

Sold out 

Just waiting on better weather to finish up the batch 

Working on a new designs and I made the ends to narrow so I added a fin to look like a eel 

Eel Needles 

Example of the slim body "about" a diameter of a lip balm or Chap Stick tube (5/8 dia.)