I'm trying to create that silver flash given off of bait fish, the glitter sides do a great job recreating it as the plug swims
 Most of my plugs have white bellies so the bass will see that while under the plug
These plugs are fished very slowly.  It will just stay on the surface and you must watch your reel speed .Great action of a bait fish crushing the surface creating a nice wake
The slower the better, keeping the plug in the strike zone longer
They also can be retrieve fast giving a sporadic swim and increasing the flashes from the glittered sides
(Tip …test swim your plug during the day so you know what they’re doing at night)
 Gliders are wire through with 2 coats of epoxy
  There are a couple that have epoxy in hangers .... 2 1/2 long SS wire twisted and then set into the plug with epoxy
This will be noted by the plug
This is a very strong and secure method of inserting hardware ..

NEW Batch in the works 

Glider Swimmers