Designed to hang off the surf stick 

Surf Box 

Shoulder strap 

2 plug picks 

6 tubes 1 1/4 

2 1in tubes 

2 inch Belt loops 

7 1/8 x 5 wide 

10 in high 

lid lock 

Drainage Holes 

Bungee cord lock 

This is a new style and concept with the lid system. I have carried mine for over 3 years and never had a issue. 

The bag can be used with a shoulder strap or attached to a belt.

But I design it to be carried with one hand and places on the beach, rock or dock. Easy access by flipping the lid and pulling a plug out .

The bottom skid plate will keep the bottom from getting worn out, even though that is the thickest part of the box. 

The lid is made of a flexible plastic that moves with the box but continue to latch. The latch is solid brass and filled with grease.

Box material is sail cloth which is glued with water proof industrial glue adhesive with speedy rivets  

​Stainless steel hinge and hardware 

Belt loops are seat belt material with a plastic sleeves to allow the box to move easily over a surf belt 

He tubes are soda bottles with drainage holes drilled in. 

This surf box is repairable, simply unbolt the part and replace. Simple mail it back to me and I will do so. I can see what needs to be done so it won’t fail again 


Watch the video

Keep the box that I ship it to you . If there is a problem ship it back in the box and I will cover shipping of the return